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1208, Warwick Road. Acocks Green. Birmingham B27 6BY
0121 708 3383

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Desktop Repairs
Common Desktop Repairs
- System will not start
- No power
- Windows Error
- DVD drive faults
- Virus Problems
- RAM Upgrades
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Laptop Repairs
Common Laptop Repairs
- Battery not charging
- Sceen Cracked or broken
- Keyboard broken
- Laptop will not boot
- RAM Upgrades
- Fresh windows install
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Data Backup
Our data that we store on our computers can be invaluable, we offer many forms of data back up including online back up and storage to data retrieval from broken or damaged computers or hard drives. Make an enquiry now to see how we can help you back up or restore that valuable data!

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Virus Removal
We specialise in the removal and protection from of all known Pc and laptop viruses, they can cause many different problems to your computer.

If you have or think you have a virus we can remove it and protect your computer from further problems.
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