Laptop Repairs
If you have any questions about a problem with your PC or your fault is not listed in the "most common faults" beloe please feel free to contact us by phone 0121 708 3383 or click here to email us and we will do our upmost to get you back up and running in no time at all.
Broken cracked screen
A broken or cracked laptop screen is one of the most common problems that can occur to a laptop, if your screen is visibly broken or cracked or you think you have any problems with your laptop screen we can replace your laptop with a new screen in no time at all. All our new screens come with a 6 months warranty.

this repair costs from £49.00
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Power input AC charging point problem
Laptop does not charge?
Laptop will not run from power supply?
Laptop has no power at all?
Chances are the ac input ( the socket you plug your charger into ) is faulty or has come loose from the motherboard of your laptop, this is a common problem with laptops due to them been used with the power adaptor plugged in while been used and pressure being applied to the contact of the charging jack on the board. when we repair or replace your input jack we also surround the jack with high end epoxy resin compund making your input socket stronger and more robust than the day your laptop was purchased.

this repair costs from £49.99
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Non booting - rolling start
Windows Xp or vista can cause problems for us all at any time, problems with your pc or laptop not booting into windows or giving you black screens with booting options or even not powering up at all, if you are having any of these symptoms contact us now, we can get you back online in no time at all!.

this repair costs from £39.99
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Memory (ram) replacement/upgrade
The memory (ram) of your laptop is the component of your laptop that determins the speed in which your laptop runs, the more memory you have the faster your laptop will boot, open programmes, surf then net and jrub your progammes. to make any of these things happen faster you need to increase your memory. Contact us now to find out how we can speed up your laptop.

this repair costs from £9.99
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mouse pad or keyboard problems
if you have problems moving the mouse curser or clicking the left or right mouse buttons of your laptop we can help, another common problem with laptops is the loss of keys from the keyboard itself of if your keyboard stops to funcction at all, if you have any of the following problems we can help.

this repair costs from £9.99
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Laptops can cause us problems in many ways, above we have listed just a few of the most common laptop faults, if you are having a problem with your laptop that is not listed above simply contact us for friendly advice or a price on repairing the fault with your laptop. Our staff are waiting and happy to help you.

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